A work colleagues wife

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A work colleagues wife

I had worked with a guy called Steve for about free porn movies download eight years he was a section manager in my team and about ten years younger than me, it was generally discussed about this /gorgeous/">gorgeous wife he had which I found a /surprise/">surprise because when ever we talked he would go on about the different /women/">women he had affairs with.

About a year ago I had to pick him up and met this stunner of a wife who worked for a bank and was everything the others had talked about. I then a few weeks later had to drop off some papers to steve on my way home Sue answered the door not failing yet again to stun me. I said had some papers for him and she invited me in and said sorry he had called to say he would not be home as the job he was on had a problem needing him one more night.

I thought quickly because I was not aware of this so did not drop him in it. She asked me to have a drink and I agreed we chatted for a while when she said she was very grateful for me being such a good boss and how much I was admired by Steve and her . She then asked me what I did in my private life and I said about a /girlfriend/">girlfriend that I had just split with.

Sue then asked me if I knew what a womaniser Steve was and I implied I did not no that she laughed and said it was all right I need not cover for him he was a sex maniac and she liked it to they swapped around most weeks.. She stood up and went to get a paper as she bent down I had a great view of her /cute/cute-ass/">cute ass and I new she did it on purpose. She then came and sat next to me, she showed me the details of a swap club they visited and would I like to go to it sometime. She said sorry she had not meant to say it that way and rested her hand on my leg.

I was feeling my dick harden and she had her eye on my bulge making it worse. I was again full hd xvideo download startled when she said I should undo my zip to avoid my cock being strained and then standing right in front of me removed her clothes like a strip dance just adding say when I have gone far enough . Her whole body tits and all looked great her nipples bulged out as she lowered her tits onto my mouth and invited me to suck them.

As I worked my tongue she was clearly ready because she started releasing a flow of her juices and asking me to place my cock inside her, I could wait no longer as I placed my cock head into her cunt lips and started to enter her, We fucked twice in half an hour and she was weak with sex arousal with her nipples being her sensitive area as each time I tweaked them she squirted again. we stayed together all night fucking three more times before my departure.

She asked me if I would fuck her again when steve was away and this we do regularly. Further she has two friends who she has introduced to me for fucking sessions when she is not available.