Spying on my sister

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Spying on my sister

I recently lost my job and was struggling to pay the rent and bills. My /sister/">sister Rickie and called me and i told her my situation and she said i could come live with her till i got back on my /feet/">feet, i was happy to oblige.

Rickie was 5'4 /blonde/dirty-blonde/">dirty blonde hair, firm tits, sculpted abs, firm round ass, Hot!!!. She is a fittness instructor at one of the local gyms so looking good was a part of her job. Anyway i told her i would think about it and get back to her.

It didn't take me long to decide, i loved my sister. You could say i was in love with her.

I had packed my things in the back of my ute and was about to call Rickie to let her know i was on my way but i decided i would suprise her.

After the 1 hour drive i strolled up to the front door and knocked but got no answer, I knocked again no answer. I went to the garage to see if her car was there and it was so she must be in the shower,asleep or out in the backyard.

I went back to the front door and tried the handle , it was open so i went in and yelled out "Hello sis are you home"? No answer. So i went upstairs to the room that would be mine and dropped my bag on the bed, had a look around to see if anything had changed since i was last here.

I went to the window to open it when i saw my sister down next to the pool. I fell over because what i was seeing wouldn't register.My sister was lying on a towel beside the pool completely naked, i stood in awe as i watched my sister rubbing herself with the biggest dildo i have ever seen or heard of, it must have been 2 feet long and 4-5 inches thick it was massive.

I relised i was spying on my sister and and turned from the window and started to walk back downstairs when i noticed my cock was rock hard. I stood there thinking about what i had just seen then i ran back to the window. I couldnt help myself she is just so hot and i had to see what she was going to do with that monster dildo.

I reached the window and crouched down so my sister wouldn't see me and continued to watch my /sweet/">sweet sister. She wasn't lying down anymore she was on one knee trying to get that massive dildo in her pussy. By this point i had my 7 inch cock in my wwwxxx hands slowly rubbing it as it pulsed in my hand. Rickie meanwhile continued her efforts trying to insert the /dildo/big-dildo/">big dildo inside while moaning sweet nothing to herself when all of a sudden she screamed "Aaaaahhhhh" in pain quickly followed by an "oooohhh" of pleasure she'd managed to get it inside of her pussy and started to slowly slide up and down inching the dildo further inside her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy.
About five minutes into it and i blew the biggest load iv"e ever shot off and Rickie had almost half of the two foot long monster impaling her juiced up pussy.

Now if this wasn't weird enough for me what she did next was. She bent over keeping the dildo inside her and reached for the hose, i ha d no idea waht she was going to do but i was so turned on right now i didnt care. She licked her fingers and rubbed the spit over her puckerd /asshole/">asshole the grabbed the hose and stuck it in her ass, she bobbed up and down a few more times on the monster and stood up holding both dildo and hose inside her and started to walk.

I couldn't believe what i was seeing, watching my sister doing these things to herself was the most gratifying sexual experience i had ever had.At the time i had only had three girlfriends in my life although they all lasted along time all three were almost the same in bed, missionary, doggy, spoon, suck this , lick that, and while all that is great fun none of it comes close in comparison to watching my sister do this.

Rickie had managed to walk to the other side of the pool holding the dildo and hose inside her when she squatted back down on one knee and continued fucking herslf.She was starting to moan very loudly as she reached for somthing,when she bounced back she starting screaming with pleasure as she came to an orgasm and was bouncing on the dildo so hard and so fast i was sure she would hurt herself.

As she reached the peak of her orgasm she ripped out the hose and water squirted out of her ass so the wwwxxx hard it almost reached the other side of the pool. She slowly removed the massive dong from her stretched pussy with an audible "pop" and she fell to the ground spent.

I turned from the window and went to sit on the bed but decided to get out of the house before my sister came inside so i grabbed my bag ran downstairs out the front door and jumped into my car. I decided to go for a drive before i went back so my sister had some time to sort herself out.

Meanwhile Rickie laying exhausted on the ground looked up at the window wher her brother was and whispered to herself. "hope you enjoyed the show i wonder what i will do for him next time" she lay there smiling to herself thinking how much fun it was going to be having her brother living with her.

To be continued

*** This story Is a work of fiction!