Time out9

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Time out9

Alison took the chance of a 6 month sabatical travelling to the far east and her old home in Malaysia. Her brother had taken over her fathers business and it had been ten years since she had seen him and his family. Money arriveds every month in the bank from the family business. All though she had numerous relationships, she had plenty of money and did not need the financial security most men seemed to think needed. Alan had three children and a step who had been to University in Australia and decided to go to medical school in London. JJ was about ten the last time Alison had seen the family. Now 21 he was tall well built young man. Softly confidently spoken with a bit of an ozzy accent.

Alison had her last month at the old family home seeing her mum aand her brother and family and travelling back with JJ to get take him to Med School. He would stay with her until he had made some friends. Her appartment was large enough for him to have his own space awat from her if he wanted. JJ lived in the guest bungalow at home. Alison had noticed some of the estate girls scurrying away to the village on her early morning walks. JJ was quite amusing and was thrilled when he found that Alison had a holiday home near Newquay.He had taken up surfing and had heard of Newquay in Cornwall. Alison returned as a consultant to the hospital, JJ was ammused at his "aunts" business suits her hair tied back and her work face as she called it. She would often drop him at the Med school to the ammusent of his new friends as she swebt in her fancy Range Rover. They would often eat together if she was home, despit having servants at home she was pleased to dffind that JJ was very neat and tidy,often leaving little for her cleaner to do. Uk weather being what real forced anal against her will it is, it was summer before she could take him to the British Holy Grail of Surfing. Her contract gave her a month of in the summer, and she wanted to get some work done on the Cornish House. JJ could help in exchange for help with some new surfing gear. Pack light Alison insisted, they head down to the garages, Alison went to the garage next to the Range Rovers, opening it JJ was shocked to see the electric blue TVR Cerbera sports car. Bags in they headed for the M3. The powerful car aeasing past others at speed. Of the motorway in the summer evening Alison showed some of the cars speed as JJ was pinned back in his seats by the cars power.

Alison was a good driverand he watched her longish fit legs in her short skirt dance on the pedals as the spread around some tight bends.

They got to the house late and after breakfast in the morning Alison through JJ some keys for an old ford pickup that she had in the garage. Come on lets get you kitted out. They headed to Newquay buying wet suit bort shots and a stack of surfing gear. Alison even got her self some cool Oakley sun glasses and then they booked JJ in for some surf lessons. JJ went of in the mornings for the fist week as Alison striped walls and painted, he would helpher in the afternoons. After a week he had decided what board he wanted and Alison went with him to buy it. He had not realised exactly what itcost and it was bit tight for his allowance. Allison laughed and put it on her platinum card alang witth the bag and another shirt.

JJ insisted that Alison should go with him to the beach and watch his progress. Siting on the rocks she watched her young step nephew as he was quite good and had just been learning about the local conditions. Come in and have a go he asked her, No swim gear she called laughing. She only swam at her and had never brought any swim suits to cornwall in the 16 months she had owned the house. her time there was quiet and she just relaxed getting work done on the house but the surfing did look fun. Eating luncj in a nice Cafe, JJ teased her about taking up surfing, mocking her saying that she was to old. He dissapeared as she went to by some milk and a few things from the supermarket. She got back to the pickup to find two boards on the roof. JJ with a big grin on his face as he handed her two big bags. An outrageously coloured wet suit and a swim suit some surf shorts and some shirts. My summer allowance has hit my account he expLained so I have bought you a present and borowed a board from mike at the surf school so I can take you surfing tomorrow. 

Alison laughed, "OK OK I give in I will be a surf chick or hen maybe" he tut tutted and they went back to the house and finished papering the lounge wall.

She cooked breakfast on the sunny Sunday morning, JJ enthused about how she would love the surfing. They had a coffee before JJ went to load the boards on the pickups rack and put in a cool box with food and drinks whilst alison went to cahnge into her surf gear. She took the wet suit from the bag and got the shorts and swim suit out, shhe had not realised it was a bikini. She was surprised that he had the right size as she stepped outof her panties she doubt anout the now skimpy looking bikini on a second look but decided to be brave, slipping into the stretchy yellow bottoms it was high cut and barely covered her pussy that she thankfully kept smothly shaved. all though weel exposed her fit buttocks did her proud as she slipped her bra off and putonthe top that was litle to small for her largeish boobs and unpadded her stood out in the material and she smiled admiring her 44 year old body. Quite a sexy sight she decided and stil better covered than some less than fit younger girls on the beach she slipped the baggy shorts on put on her surf chick shirt and pulled her hair back with a band before she donned the Oakley shades. "WOW, look at you AUNTIE" called JJ as she walked to the pickup. "Less of the AUNTIE"she said wagging a finger at him. JJ headed for one of the quieter bays along the coast, he ran to the sea leaving Alison to don her wet suit. Suited up she took her board and headed towards the sea. JJ came up the beach and explained how to position the board and how to get on it. Quite keen and excited in her tight suit she entered the sea guided by JJ.

Falling about 5 times into the sea she laughed and leughed as she scurried after the board, on he sith attempt she was up and surfing towards the beach. JJ was amazed. Again she did the same thing so he moved out with her to deeper water. After acouple of missed waves Dr Alison was up and glding to the beach JJ calling instrctions before she turned the board falling into the shallow waves with the board now tethered to her ankle.. JJ got his board and they swam out to deeper water, " your a bloody natural" six attempts and you are up and surfing " can't believe it" he said as they sat on the boards waiting for a wave. Its all the older woman experince she replied laughing. They spent an hour or so taming the waves as she leearned to turn the board as JJ called his words of encouragement, he helped her from the suit and they ate their salad lunch. After a couple of hours taking some rays Alison rejoined JJ in the surf with her board. The sea had picked up and she fell quite a few times but managed to ride some biggish waves. They talked to a young couple surfing and they were amazed when JJ said Alison was his "AUNTIE2 and surfing for the fisrt time at 45. "44 you cheeky sod" she called and it Ali or Alison as I am not really your Auntie.

Late into the afternoon she placed her board on the beach and JJ helped her out of her suit, she washed it out placing it on her board bfore she went to swim in the sea to wash the sand out of her bikini. Hidden by some rocks she slipped the bikini off and washed away the sand before putting her bottoms back on. She slipped into the top as JJ appeared on the rocks. Laying in the early evening sun drying as she ate the final ham sandwich. JJ sudenly said "you have great tits", "pardon" she said. "sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. But I was just thinking that I got a top a size or so to small" Well, yes it is,but it is OK. " Yeah sorry but you have great tits and it doesn't matter."Wow, thank's" any other good bits? He paused. Bums OK and you puusy looks great he said as she threw a drink at him as he laughed and ran off. As they drove back to the house Alison caled the lacal pub to book dinner, they only had an early slot so they went straight to the informal pub restaurant in there surfing gear. Quite busy the didn't look out of place in the bar with the young surfing crowd. Alison hid her age well. 

They had a laugh over dinner, how about some surfing in the morning suggested JJ. Yeah OK, said Alison. After a few drinks they arranded with Bob the land lord to leave the pickup behind tha pub as they walked the mile or so home at closing time and went to their beds. Alison ached a bit after all her excersize and she slept well, deciding to have a soak in the bath before breakfast she dozed in the warm water. The small bathroom window did not let in much light something that would be changed when she made xnxxv sunny leone video some more improvements, she thought as she was suddenly alerted by the sound of water. As her eyes opened she saw saw JJ naked as he held one hand on the window sill as he bent well forward aiming his stream of pee into the toilet bowl. As she quietly adjusted her view past the baths shower curtain, she realised his position was due to his early morning . 

He sighed as he finished his toilet, taking some toilet paper he squeezed hs cock drying its end dropping the paper into the toilet as he took more paper.and started to stroke his balls and shafting
his cock, her view from behind obscured as his wrist went into a blur as wanked himself to orgasm as he flexed his hips back and forth as though he was fucking a woman. He Groaned as he caught the stream of cum on the paper, dropping it into the bowl he flushed the toilet as he rested his hands on the window still. His waining erection still proudly pointing.

"" suddenly came from Alison's lips. She realised straight away that she had said the wrong thing, he span round and ran from the bathroom.
Alison finished washing her hair and went to her bedroom drying herself. As she sat naked on the bed taking in the view from the window as she towelled her hair she heard JJ behind her. "Turn around he said and she turned covering her front with the towell. JJ stood naked in front of her his erection pointed over her head. A nice head and 8 or so inches long and a jaw straining thick shaft. You liked it didn't you he said, seeing me wanking. He started to wank his rigid shaft as he walked towards her as she watched his rapid hand movement again as he cupped and squeezed his balls until and arc of spunk shot passed her. She has never seen a man jerk off and she realised it really turned her on. 

Kneeling down he took the towell a parted her knees as she laid back on the bed. You cunt looks really great he said as he put his finger tip to her engorged clit and circled it wiping her juices onto her angry love button. He moved her head forward as if to lick her pussy but stopped taking her legs and bending them back over her as he pulled her to the bed edge his cock slippimg between he cunt lips bollock deep as he then fucked her like a jack hammer, screaming as she came he steamed into her cunt, as he moved his mouth to her tits as hjer pussy exploded in waves of electric shots as it spasmed on his angry cock. She came again as he pulled out and she moaned for him to stop. He quickly rolled her over planging into her from behind a finger alongside her in her pussy. Suddenly his finger slid into her anus as he ploud her furrow wit to holes geting atention she nearly fainted as he spewed a sring of spunk deep in her cunt as he stood shaking against her bum and legs.