My girlfriend and my friend Danny

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My girlfriend and my friend Danny

My /fantasy/">fantasy has been seeing my /girlfriend/">girlfriend Danielle fuck my buddy Danny. I have had numerous talks with her and at one point she was all for it till she finally admitted she really didn't want to. There was one time at the bar where she even flirted with him to the point he got nervous and spilled his drink.

She had asked him to dance and as she was grinding all up on him I was so turned on seeing how sexy she looked doing so. She texted me asking if I liked it as I asked her if she did and we both agreed we did. I was kind of nervous because one of her friends were there and didn't want her to know what was going on.

But any way one day I talked her into it and she agreed we were at the beach with friends and we were all drunk and me Danielle and Danny had our own room together. I was unaware what was about to happen as I went to the bathroom I came out and seen them both on the bed kissing and her hand was rubbing his dick through his pants.

I didn't say a word and closed the door enough to just watch. As she was getting horny I seem her undo his pants and pull out his 7 inch cock and start licking and sucking it as she made a couple licks to his balls and spitting all over his dick going back to suck it. As her head bobbed up and down hearing her moan as she sucked it she then pulled off and said " I love this dick I want you to fuck me like a dirty little slut".

He then ripped her clothes off and teased her pussy through her panties licking and sucking her clit then stopping to lick by her thighs then sucking and licking her bare pussy milf porn videos as she moaned and grabbed his head forcing it into her pussy rubbing her soaked pussy all over his face. She got to the point she screamed in pleasure " I need that /dick/big-dick/">big dick in me now come /pussy/pussy-fuck/fuck-this-pussy/">fuck this pussy real good"!

He got up and slid the first couple inches in as she moaned " Mmmm give me that dick"! As he shoved the rest inside she was pinching and rubbing her nipples as he fucked that pussy fast and hard making her scream and moan! "Yea you like this pussy don't you Danny cause I have been waiting for that dick for a long time"! "Fuck me so good give me that cum I want it all over me and in my mouth"!

He then turned her on her side and began fucking her harder faster as I then decide to walk out. I walk in front of her as she smiled and said "Justin isn't this what you wanted for him to fuck my pussy soooo good." "Mmm his dick feels sooo good he made me cum so hard all over his big dick."

She then pulls away and shoves his cock deep in her mouth and starts sucking it as she looks at me the whole time knowing that I like it and she loves it too! She moves her hand and grabs my dick as its so hard she smiles and tells me to eat her pussy and make her cum since I'm one I've the few that actually can. I being sucking and licking her pussy as I finger it and Danny is fucking her mouth as he grunts and moan as he tells her he's about to cum.

She moans to just /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-her-mouth/">cum in her mouth knowing she doesn't wanna move as her pussy starts cumming sooo hard. I look up and cum is all over her face and lips and she licks the rest up and tells me to clean her cum blowjob porn videos out of her pussy and fuck her. As I do I fuck her hard and fast slapping her ass as I scream I'm gonna cum! She moans "/pussy/pussy-cum/cum-inside-my-pussy/">cum inside my pussy babe just do it!"

As I shoot my cum deep inside of her she begins sucking the rest from my dick. She says Mmm yummy babe and begs to let her do this again. Next time I'm gonna do it without telling you until after and fuck you as I'm giving you the details and how good it was!