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By Sirdar

This is a story that I wrote some years ago. I have rewritten parts of it and reposted it under another name


My partner Joan and I had lived happily together for seven years. She was an operating theatre Sister at the local district hospital, and I worked as a /teacher/">teacher at the local High School. We had frequently discussed marriage, but had never got around to fixing the date for the happy day.

It was the middle of January when I first set eyes on Kate , and from then my whole life began to gradually come apart.. I was walking back from stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv the newsagent having just fetched the morning paper, when I saw the furniture van unloading into the house two doors away. My attention was immediately attracted to the attractive sexy looking lady who was directing operations. She was about 26 years of age, 5 3" tall and slim with long blonde hair, and a superb figure. She smiled back at me as I gave her a friendly wave.

I stopped briefly and introduced myself, and asked the daft question "Are you just moving in?" She told me she was. And I told her "If there is anything you need, or perhaps if you want a cup of tea, or anything we are at Number 26" She thanked me and gave me a lovely smile in return..

I walked away in a daze. She was absolutely enchanting. I was breathless with excitement . I knew at that moment. that I had met someone very special, a lady, who, somehow, I knew that I needed to have in my life. As I walked away I looked back and she was watching me. I gave her another wave, and for the rest of the day I could not get her out of my mind as I kept reliving that smile.

Over the next few weeks we got to know her and her husband John well. He was a surgeon at the local hospital, and frequently worked with my partner Joan. My crush on his wife Kate grew even stronger, but there was no way I dare let her know how I felt. When Joan and I made love, it was Kate I was making love to in my mind..

Even Joan seemed surprised at the increased passion in our love making and seemed a bit bewildered by my non committal response. Over time both families became close friends, and we began to go out socially as a /foursome/">foursome. I increasingly found excuses to spend a lot of time with Kate and would call on her whenever her husband John was at the hospital. She always seemed to welcome my visits with some degree of enthusiasm, and then she started visiting me when Joan was on duty.

Over time it seemed convenient to us that John and Joan seemed to be on duty at the same time?s. They took to sharing cars, and it was noticeable that increasingly they seemed to have to work more hours. When I queried this with Joan she said it was due to a shortage of staff and cuts in the funding.

It was in the March that Kate told us she was pregnant, and for some reason her husband John did not seem overly enthusiastic about the forthcoming birth, neither did Joan, and of course neither did I. But I congratulated Kate with as much enthusiasm as I could muster.

"You do not seem happy with the idea of my having a baby Tony." She said one day. When we were alone. Bravely I replied "No Kate I just wished it was mine. "I said not thinking straight.

? I dont think John or Joan would be happy with that idea. But I think I know what you mean" she said with a smile and giving me a little peck on the cheek." From that day on our friendship became even closer, and it was about the end of September that one night we all went to the local inn for a meal white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie and a drink. We sat in one of those those darkened dining areas, and Kate was sat next to me with our backs to the wall. John and Joan were sat opposite.

I found myself brushing up against Kate quite frequently and she was definitely not
moving away from me, but seemed to be enjoying, as I was, our bodily contact Halfway through the evening, when we had all had a few drinks, Kate had quite deliberately put her hand on my inner thigh in quite close proximity to my cock, which feeling the warmth of her hand and the slight twitching of her fingers quite quickly gave me a full erection.

She had obviously noticed and as I looked down to see her reaction, she winked and moved her hand even closer. I placed my hand on top of hers and we sat like that for some time. She got up to go to the toilet, and when she returned she moved even closer to me, her hand now cleverly unzipped me as she was talking and pushed inside my under pants. I had to quickly push my handkerchief into my pants to catch my ultimate spending.

That was the evening that we made the decision to go as a group to a Hotel for Christmas. John pointed out the baby would be born by then, and it would give Kate a break. This was greeted with enthusiasm by my partner Joan. It was on the way home that night that John and Joan walked ahead, allegedly discussing work, and Kate and I trailed behind at a slower pace. I noticed that evening that Kate was walking slower than usual, and our partners had gone some distance ahead when we came to a sharp turn in the road.

As soon as they were out of sight Kate turned, put her arms round my neck and gave me a long passionate kiss. She just said "Thank you Tony" I asked "For what?" She just smiled at me enigmatically. From then on when we got together our kisses became quite frequent and occasionally Kate would come and sit on my lap and we would spend time fondling each other. One day she said." Johns not happy about this baby - he never makes love to me, or wants to take me anywhere. Its as though hes ashamed of me."

"I think you are lovely and you are lovelier than ever now you are pregnant." I told her Kate kissed me and hugged me as she lay her head on my shoulder.
" I think of this baby as our baby you know"
"I wish it was." I said as I hugged her.
"In a way it is" Kate replied.
" How can that be - we have never had sex" I said
" One day perhaps I can explain properly and the fact we have never had sex is your fault." Kate replied.

" No - oh no, I have always fancied you, but you never encouraged me at all."
She responded. "What do you think I am dong now stupid?" She said with a smile. I hugged her close and kissed her passionately Kate moaned softly and kissed me back, her slender arms sliding around my neck. Her swollen tummy pressing against me. For the /first-time/">first time ever, I French kissed her, and I started gently fondling her swollen breasts through her house coat. Kate opened her housecoat bringing her lovely enlarged breasts into view. I fondled them for a while, then getting up my courage I leaned down and started sucking them.

Her breasts were hard and felt huge. Kate was moaning quite loud now, her head going from side to side.
She stood up and grabbed my hand.
"Lets go to the bedroom Tony darling." She whispered.
By this time I was really hard, this was my fantasy coming true.
This lady I had fallen for was now taking me to her bed. We lay on the bed after I had removed all my clothes and she had shed her housecoat on to the floor.
We lay on the counterpane naked and kissed for a long time. We enjoyed the feel of each others bodies lying close to one another. For the very first time we had the time to snog properly. I could feel her warm body against mine and smell the exotic aroma of her perfume, the softness of her hair brushed against my face and the passion of her kissing was something I had dreamed about for months.

I suckled her swollen breasts for some time, and Kate rolled around the bed in agonies of passion, she was murmuring my name, but I was not really taking in what she was saying. I moved down her body after a few moments and my fingers found her pussy lips, she was really wet, my lips replaced my fingers and quickly found the swollen button, of her clitoris she rolled and bucked the more I sucked it and I had to hold her hips to keep from being thrown off.

"Yes!!! Oh, yes darling! Yes Tony!" Kate cried, her hips twisting and turning wildly. "Yes" I watched, wide-eyed, as Kates hips twisted and turned frantically and she cried out in /ecstasy/">ecstasy. "Tony please fuck me properly I want more!" She exclaimed between kisses, her hand now playing with my very erect cock. I was worried about her pregnancy and whether I would harm the baby, but then I had an idea. I grabbed a spare pillow and eased it under her buttocks and gently eased her legs apart and carefully pressed the tip of my cock against her wet entrance. With a little bit of adjustment I was able to push steadily into her.

Immediately I could feel the warmth of her vagina walls and the strength of her muscles as they vibrated against my cock. I pushed gently as she started to take me in slowly until I could go no farther. I started moving slowly in and out, but Kate was impatient and wanted me to move faster. I grabbed her hips and pushed into her. Quite quickly I could feel myself coming.
"I cant... I cant wait!!!" I told her as I felt the first tingling of an impending orgasm "Im too close!"
"Please darling I want you to come inside me. I want to feel you "Come!"

Kate crooned. "I want to feel you come! Please!!!"
Her hips began moving with increasing urgency. I could not hold back any longer as I came in a long spurts gradually slowing until I had shot the last of my sperm. Just as I was slowing down Kate started to come.
I... Im... Oh, God... Im coming!!!" Her body squirmed against me milking all of the cum she could get out of me, wringing every last bit of pleasure possible from our passionate connection. After while we came to a stop, our quivering bodies lying next to one another " Kate gasped.

"It was great, so hot, so lovely and I needed that so badly. Why is it that me being pregnant does not turn you off?" She gasped. I kissed her passionately.
" You want the truth?" I asked. "I fell in love with you the very first day I saw you, and I have tried to spend every spare minute with you I could.".
She took my head in her hand. " I fell in love with you a long time ago, but I remember that day well."
Where do we go from here?" I asked. She looked at the clock "Well darling unless I go and clean up, my husband will be home, and we will be heading for the divorce court.".

Christmas was a happy occasion in the hotel, and we managed to exchange kisses under the mistletoe. After a heavy lunch on Christmas day, most guests went back to their rooms to listen to the Queens Speech. After some consideration we went to the lounge and we all went to sleep in the arm chairs by the fire. I woke after a while to look across and see Kate nursing the baby. She had deliberately squirted some milk in my face. She smiled and opened her legs slinking back in the chair to show me she was wearing no panties.

That did not help my self control at all, but having our partners there, was obviously a problem. It was shortly afterwards that Johns mobile went off. He answered it, and announced.
"There has been a bad smash on the bypass, and we have a lot of casualties." He looked at me and said, "Tony could you run me to the hospital I have drunk too much to drive."

But Joan piped up "Tony has drunk as much as you. John I will take you I have had very little to drink."
"Yes Joan thanks, you will probably be needed as well." John said.
Kate said nothing and just smiled across at me. John said to me.
"Please look after my family for me Tony" I assured him with some enthusiasm I would. A few moments later Kate started gathering up her odds and ends and said
"Will you carry our baby for me."

As we made our way to the lift and then to their room. I placed the baby in the cot and turned towards Kate. When I saw Kate lock the door and put the key on the table I guessed Christmas was going to get much better. She put her arms round my neck and kissed me passionately.

"Lets get undressed darling, dont waste any more time." she whispered. She turned quickly and, undressing then we moved into the shower, all the time we were kissing and embracing. We could not leave each other alone. It was a dream come true for me to have her beautiful body pressed against mine warm and naked. I really wanted her so badly. It had been some weeks since we had made love before and Joan and I rarely made love any more.

Kate took hold of my cock and slowly began to stroke me. The sensations were fantastic, and I knew I could not last for long if she kept that up. I fondled her milk laden breasts and ran my hands up and down her body. We kissed passionately, our tongues probing each others mouth for a long time; eventually we moved to the bed and sort of flopped down as we reached for each other, for a few moments just savoring the feel of each others warm bodies.

After a time Kate took my cock into her warm wet mouth. She worked very lovingly just licking round my head and down the sides, it was a sort of heavenly torture which I knew could only last for a short while. Occasionally she would give the head of my cock a little suck. As the oncoming orgasm approached I became more restless and I could only moan in pleasure as Kate slowly now concentrated on taking me as far as she could into her mouth.

She quickly guessed from my reactions that I would be coming shortly, she quickly pulled away.
"No darling. I want you to fuck me properly Tony, I have waited far too long since last time."

Kate lay down with me lying on her back, she opened her legs. and held her arms open pulling me to take position between her legs. She grabbed my cock and gently rubbed it up and down on her vagina lips. She was already wet and waiting to receive me.
"Please darling dont play around I need you in me now." I pushed gently into her. Kate gave a little moan of happiness as I moved gently in and out, going deeper with each thrust. Enjoying the wonderful feeling as her muscles rippled giving the effect of gripping me and massaging me at the same time. I was soon all the way inside her as far as I could go. I moved in and out slowly gathering speed penetrating deeper with each thrust, until I was completely buried inside of her, the head of my cock pressing against her cervix. For a moment we lay still savoring the intense feelings as we gently kissed.

Then Kate said. "Now darling its my turn." as we rolled over and she moved on top of me. She just at there for a few seconds wriggling her buttocks and looking down at me, her blue eyes sending a message of love and contentment. She bent over and once again kissed me passionately sending a whole series of incredibly exotic feelings through my cock as she moved. We were entirely focused on each others pleasure excluding everything else.

She sat up and together we started moving after a few moments, she leaned back placing her hands on the bed, and sending a whole new series of feelings from the different angle of our bodies. We started moving together maintaining the tempo of our thrusts. We now fucked much faster. Kate was now moaning with each thrust of my cock as once again she sat up straight and then leaning forward taking the weight on her hands "Tony dear, oh, oh, oh. make me a baby; I want to have our baby Im going to cum"

The intensity of our passion was amazing. Kate kept saying "make me cum, make me a baby."

I could feel that wonderful tingle in my groin that precedes my climax and wanting to hold this magnificent women as she orgasmed with me still rigid inside of her I slowed my thrusting. Kate began grinding her clitoris against the base of my shaft with every full movement of my cock. I responded by arching up into her with each Her breathing was coming in short gasps, and then panting.

Kate leaned forward again, and then sat up straight almost immediately, She seemed to howl. "Oh Tony Im cumming, ohhhhhhh!" I could feel her muscles contracting in spasms as though she was trying to milk me and her own juices soaking my cock. I instinctively began to again thrust pushing into her Kate was pressing down on to me trying to get maximum penetration from my thrusting. All I could think of was releasing my load into this lovely woman.

"Its alright, I want you to cum in me Tony. Give me another baby. I want your sperm deep inside of me, cum in me now." Kate was quivering as we again stared into each others eyes at that brief moment before release. Kate cried out, as in one last thrust, I pushed deep as I could inside her, and I came in a series of long pumping bursts. I held tight inside of her as the head of my cock pressed against her cervix delivering squirt after squirt of semen deep in her womb. I held it there pushing gently as far as I could go I could feel Kates pussy muscles constricting almost sucking on my shaft.

She lay down on top of me whispering "Roll over darling, but stay inside me" We lay there for about ten minutes as I gradually softened and slipped out. We slept for a little while until we were wakened by the telephone. It was John and he told Kate that the smash was much worse than they had feared. He said.

"We will not be back tonight. Can you and Tony manage to pack our things and take them home tomorrow?"
Kate turned to me as she put the phone down. "Darling we have all night, together they will not be coming back tonight. "
Just then the baby cried. "Darling go and see to our baby"
"Our baby" I queried She giggled
?Remember what I told you that when he was conceived I was thinking it was you fucking me, not John." I smiled back at her.
I walked the baby around the room after she fed him, and put him down to sleep and returned to Kate.

We packed up early next morning after a lovely exhausting night. We had grown even closer in the past few hours, and I was sad at the thought of having to leave her when we got home.. I was finding it hard to envisage a future without her.. I was feeling rather sad. We returned home at about 11.30am. To my /surprise/">surprise there was no sign of Joans car. I dropped Kate off at their house, and helped her in with the baggage and the baby.. John was not at home.

I did not want to leave her, but she seemed quite cheerful, On arriving home and entering the kitchen I immediately saw a note addressed to me on the kitchen table. It was from Joan telling me that she had left me, and was setting up home with John. It was just as I was just trying to absorb the significance of the note that I heard the back door open and Kate jumped into my arms.
"Do you move in with me, or shall I come here to live"?

She asked after we stopped hugging and kissing me with unbridled passion and lust